Adhesives for Luxury Packaging Solutions

In cosmetics and luxury packaging Vitralit® adhesives are used for lid bondings, adhesive reliefs and attachment of decoratives and labels. Our adhesives bond glass, plastics and metals.
As the adhesives are transparent and non-yellowing, the bondlines are invisible. The adhesives cure within seconds under UV light, which makes them a cost-effective solution for high volume production.
Non-transparent plastics can be bonded with our two-part methacrylic Penloc® adhesives. They are humidity-proof and shock-resistant.

Adhesive Properties:

  •  Suitable for bonding a wide range of materials
  •  Fast, flexible, versatile
  •  Wide range of applications – from low volume to mass production
  •  Bond quickly and reliably
  •  Universal use and simple handling
  •  High strength and stability
  •  Cure at room temperature
  •  Short curing times
  •  Resistant to alcohols (perfume)
  •  Easily incorporated into existing production lines


  • Bonding of transparent or opaque glass and plastics
  • Dome coatings
  • Adhesive reliefs
  • Bonding of decorations



Luxury packaging solutions: Lid bonding, dome coatings, reliefs and bonding of decorations
Glue for Cosmetics packaging


AdhesiveViscosity [mPas]Curing*Color of cured adhesiveBasisShore HardnessProperties
Vitralit® 4731 VT22,000-28,000UV
transparentacrylateD 30-50Excellent adhesion to plastics, anodized plastics, glass, ceramics
Vitralit® 6133600-1,000UV
transparentacrylateD 65-85Jettable, impact resistant, non-yellowing, very high adhesion to glass and metals
Vitralit® 63003,000-5,000UV
transparentacrylateD 55-75Jettable, non-yellowing, very high adhesion to glass and metals, dual curing
Vitralit® 7311 T15,000-17,000UV
transparentacrylateD 40-50Excellent adhesion to plastics, glass and metals, non-yellowing, resistant to humidity and alcohols
Vitralit® UC 60251,450-3,000UV
transparent, yellowishepoxyD 60Fast curing epoxy resin, flexible, easy to dispense, very high adhesion to plastics
Vitralit® UC 6215 T41,000UVtransparentepoxyD 65-85Jettable, impact resistant, very high adhesion to glass and metals, suitable for creating “drop-effects” on glass or plastics
Vitralit® UC 668655,000-80,000UVtransparentepoxyD 75Suitable for dome coatings and “drop-effects” on glass or plastics, scratchresistant, non-yellowing
Vitralit® VBB-6020,000-35,000UV
transparentacrylateA 60-80Excellent adhesion to plastics, especially ionomer resins such as Surlyn, non-yellowing, available in different viscosities
Penloc® GTN15,000-30,000RTtransparent, greyishmethacrylateD 50Two-component methacrylate, flexible, high temperature stability
Penloc® GTR-VT20,000-30,000RTgreenmethacrylateD 65-75Two-component methacrylate, jettable, shock resistant, excellent adhesion to metals, glass, plastics
Structalit® 880130,000-45,000thermalbeigeepoxyD 80-90Epoxy-based resin, resistant to high temperatures and oil/grease, perfect choice for ring applications
Cyanolit® 241 F30-50RTtransparentcyanacrylaten.a.Instant adhesive, plastic bonder, perfect choice for mirror bonding
Cyanolit® 52502,400-3,300RTtransparentcyanacrylaten.a.Instant adhesive, plastic bonder, perfect choice for mirror bonding

*UV = 320 - 390 nm