Smart Card

Smart cards are becoming increasingly common in everyday life, for example for making phone calls and withdrawing cash. Health insurance cards, identity cards and electronic passports all feature a small chip. Because this chip contains important information, it must work reliably and be protected from damage with a protective coating.

In addition to the chips’ reliability, they must be quick to produce in large numbers. Therefore UV- or UV LED-curing epoxy resin-based adhesives are often used. They have very short curing times that allow rapid volume production.

Panacol-Elosol has taken up the challenge presented by chip card technology and offers an expert solution for all applications. For smart card production Panacol provides sealing compounds for chip surfaces and adhesives for chip bonding.

Typical smart card bonding applications are:

Adhesives are used for encapsulation and die attach solutions for smart cards
Smart card glue die attach