More than 30 Years of Adhesives and More...

2015Founding of the joint venture SKC Panacol in Seoul, Korea;
Panacol takes over the majority of Tangent Industries in Torrington/CT, USA
2011Opening of a sales office in Italy, Pavia;
Change of corporate form of the Dr. Hönle Resident Representative Office in Shanghai to Hoenle UV Technology (Shanghai) Trading Ltd.
2009February: Panacol takes over adhesives and sealant sales for the entire group as well as Hönle’s other adhesives subsidiary, Wellomer.
March: Relocation to Steinbach
May: The central storage facility is relocated from Zurich to Steinbach
June: All international business activities (except for Switzerland and France) are moved to the new location in Germany
2008Acquisition of Panacol AG by Dr. Hönle AG – one of the world's leading UV systems providers
2004Increased sales activities in the promising Asian export markets
200325th anniversary of Panacol-Elosol GmbH
2002ISO 9000:2001 certification
1999The company launches its website www.panacol.com
1995ISO 9000 certification
1993Relocation to Oberursel: the production floor area was doubled and the number of employees increased by 50 percent
1993First research project AIF-FIOSII: Surface-mounting and coupling technology for fibreoptic and integrated-optical sensors. New and further development of UV and laser-curing adhesives for permanent bonding of fibres (project No. 13MV0314/6 R)
1988Own production starts in Frankfurt, initially with a 10 litre planetary mixer. At the same time the device production is set up in the Ober-Mörlen factory
1987An own laboratory is set up
1978Frankfurt-based Panacol-Elosol GmbH is founded as German subsidiary of Swiss company Panacol AG