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Panacol-USA Inc. in Torrington, Connecticut
Adhesives manufacturer Panacol-USA

Tangent Industries Inc. to become Panacol-USA Inc.

US adhesives and coatings manufacturer Tangent Industries Inc., based in Torrington, Connecticut and German based adhesives manufacturer Panacol-Elosol GmbH, are both part of the adhesives division within the Honle Group. The head of the Honle Group is the publicly listed company Dr. Hoenle AG. To better support the growth requirements of their global customers, and present a more unified product offering, Tangent Industries Inc. is changing its name to Panacol-USA Inc. effective October 1st, 2018. Moreover, Panacol-Elosol will gradually assume full ownership of the new Panacol-USA within a 5 year span. “With this decision we see synergies such as global marketing and to provide adhesive products under one brand to our worldwide acting customers”, explains Florian Eulenhöfer, Managing Director of Panacol-Elosol GmbH.

Tangent Industries Inc. has been specializing in the development and production of UV curing acrylic adhesives and coatings since 1994. Panacol was the distributor for Tangent products outside the Americas since the very first day. The focus of Panacol-USA Inc. will remain on the development, production, and sales of innovate UV acrylic adhesives and coatings from its facility in Torrington. The organization’s management and team will remain intact.

Panacol-Elosol GmbH and Panacol-USA Inc., both members of the global Hoenle group, are leading suppliers of industrial adhesives, with a broad product range that includes UV curable adhesives and coatings, structural epoxies and conductive materials for electronics assembly. Panacol-USA Inc. is also a reliable provider of UV/LED processing systems in the Americas, designed and manufactured by Dr. Hoenle AG, a global technology leader of industrial UV curing devices and systems.

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Thermally conductive adhesives from Panacol feature a wide range of characteristics
New thermo conductive adhesives

New thermally conductive, electrically insulating epoxy adhesives

New outstanding adhesives in Panacol´s product line are the thermosetting, one-component epoxy resin adhesives with very good heat-conducting properties and very high metal adhesion. These adhesives were specially formulated to meet the increasing demands for bonding and dissipating heat from power electronics.

Elecolit® 6603 for example is augmented with mineral-based fillers which ensure high electrical insulation. Comparable dielectric strength is usually only achieved by thermally conductive adhesive tapes. As an added benefit, the adhesive is resistant to constant heat stress up to 200° C.

Elecolit® 6603  is slightly flexible and can also be used as a potting compound. It features very good flow behavior and can be processed via screen printing, with a dispenser, spreading knife or a spatula.

Variations of this adhesive are available that offer greater rigidity and several selections of viscosity ranges. Depending on the individual application adhesives with higher heat conductivity or higher dielectric strength are available.


Download TDS for Elecolit® 6603 (pdf)

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Vitralit® UD 8540 is used for manufacturing displays
Adhesive for display bonding

New Adhesive for Bonding Displays

Panacol introduces a newly developed acrylate adhesive for bonding displays. Vitralit® UD 8540 is very soft after curing, providing the ability to intercept thermal stresses between dissimilar substrates.  

Vitralit® UD 8540 is a one-component, UV-curing acrylic adhesive. It features a dual curing component which reacts to atmospheric moisture. Thus shadow zones within the display frame can also be cured reliably.

Vitralit® UD 8540 exhibits excellent adhesion to glass and PMMA, which makes it the perfect solution to bond glass/glass or glass/PMMA displays. For bonding glass/PC a specially formulated version of this adhesive is available. Both adhesive variations are free of solvents and silicones.

Large-surface bonding or lamination of displays can be optimized by using Hoenle’s high-performance and energy efficient LED Spot 100 curing system. The LED Spot 100 is perfectly matched to the photoinitiators of Vitralit® UD 8540.The alignment of its LEDs ensures high intensity and homogenous light distribution, which is of utmost importance for display bonding. The LED Spot 100 heads can be mounted together without gaps to match the size of the display being bonded.

After curing Vitralit® UD 8540 is very soft with a hardness in the Shore 00 range. Thermal stresses between dissimilar substrates can be neutralized without causing delamination. The cured adhesive is transparent and non-yellowing.

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Potting compound Structalit 5894-1 provides smooth and level surfaces
Panacol's new potting material Structalit 5894-1

New Potting Compound With Excellent Flow Properties

Panacol has developed a new potting compound with medium viscosity and small filler particle size: Structalit® 5894-1 is the perfect choice for large-volume potting or glob top sealing of power electronics.

Structalit® 5894-1 is a one-component, black epoxy resin. During application it features optimum flow properties, due to its combination of optimized viscosity and small particle size of fillers. As an additional benefit, the low filler weight makes Structalit® 5894-1 less abrasive during application.

Structalit® 5894-1 cures rapidly when exposed to heat, which allows faster processing of large-volume electronic component potting and sealing. Once cured, the compound provides a smooth and level surface which is at the same time shock- and scratch-resistant.

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New underfill Structalit® 8202 flows into the narrowest gaps
Black epoxy underfill

New black epoxy underfiller

Panacol has developed a new epoxy-based underfiller. Structalit® 8202 is a low viscosity one-part adhesive with a high capillary flow filling the narrowest gaps.
Structalit® 8202 is a high performance underfill material designed for chip stack packages and BGA. It is a one part, black colored epoxy with low viscosity which flows into the narrowest gaps. Special features of this product are its low coefficient of thermal expansion and high glass transition temperature. This makes Structalit® 8202 stable at high temperatures, allowing usage in reflow processes. 
Structalit® 8202 cures rapidly under the influence of heat. The underfiller can also be cured during reflow processes. Due to its very good compatibility with most leadfree solders the adhesive cures completely even if it gets into contact with residues from flux agents.
Once cured, the material provides excellent mechanical properties to protect solder joints during thermal cycling. Structalit® 8202 is RoHS compliant and meets electronic grade standards (less than 900ppm Cl-).

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New flexible and bendable adhesive for bonding PEEK
Flexible glue for bonding PEEK

New, flexible adhesive for PEEK

Panacol has developed an extremely flexible adhesive, which adheres particularly well to hard to bond plastics including PEEK: Vitralit® UV 4802 is a one-component acrylic system that cures very fast when exposed to light.

Vitralit® UV 4802 is a light curing adhesive based on acrylate resin, which features excellent adhesion to many plastics such as PEEK, PEN and TPU, that are typically hard to bond with conventional adhesives. This adhesive also adheres very well to ceramics and glass. Vitralit® UV 4802 is highly resistant to heat: tests have shown that the adhesive keeps its soft and flexible characteristics even after being exposed to temperatures of 150°C for seven days. Thanks to its high flexibility the adhesive is perfectly suited for bonding thin and bendable materials.

Vitralit® UV 4802 is of pink colour and cures within seconds under a UV or visible light source. Both gas discharge lamps and LEDs like the LED SPOT 100 from Hoenle are suitable for curing. Once cured, the adhesive fluoresces which enables inspection of the bondline under black light.

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Structural adhesive Penloc® GTN
Metal bonder Penloc GTN glue

New low-odour high-performance adhesive from Panacol

Panacol has a new two-component high-performance structural adhesive in its product range: Penloc® GTN is an easy to process methyl acrylate based low-odour adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Penloc® GTN adheres especially well to brass, ceramics, steel, aluminium, PVC and similar materials. The performance adhesive boasts a high power transmission capability and excellent thermal stability. It is both flexible and offers superior adhesion. Compared to other methyl acrylate adhesives, it has the advantages of a low odour formation and a long processing time of ten to 15 minutes.

To allow effective monitoring of blending quality, the two components of Penloc® GTN have different colours that, applied thinly, change to a grey, almost colourless surface as the blend cures. Penloc® GTN can be conveniently dispensed from a handy 50 ml double cartridge or from drums connected to dispensing apparatus.


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Structalit® 8801 is used for potting of sensors
Potting for electronic devices

New Medical Grade Epoxy Adhesive

Panacol adds epoxy-based adhesive Structalit® 8801 to its portfolio of medical grade adhesives. The biocompatible adhesive was specially designed for bonding temperature-sensitive substrates as it cures quickly at low temperatures.
Structalit® 8801 is a single-component adhesive based on epoxy resin. Due to its viscosity characteristics it is perfectly suited as a potting or filling material. The beige-coloured adhesive possesses high chemical resistance against common cleaning agents used for medical devices, including isopropyl alcohol. It develops high bond strength with ceramics, metals and many plastics. For example, Structalit® 8801 is successfully being used as a potting compound for sensors in medtech devices.

Structalit® 8801 cures very quickly at low oven temperatures. At 100°C this adhesive will fully cure in only a few minutes.

For applications in medical devices Structalit® 8801 is certified according to ISO 10993-5 standards. The adhesive is 100% solvent free and compatible with common sterilization processes such as autoclaving, gamma irradiation, E-beam and EtO.


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Dots of Structalit® 5610 were applied via screen printing
New SMD glue for circuit boards

New super-fast curing SMD adhesive

Specially designed for attaching SMDs on circuit boards, Panacol has developed new fast curing epoxy adhesive Structalit® 5610. Due to its high viscosity the adhesive is well-suited for screen printing. The new adhesive will be first shown at this years’s Productronica in Munich.

Structalit® 5610 is a red-colored epoxy adhesive which makes a perfect contrast to green circuit boards. The one-component adhesive is easily applied via dispenser, screen printing or needle transfer.

The SMD adhesive cures thermally within minutes, even at low temperatures. At the same time it is highly temperature-resistant: Temporarily it can be exposed to temperatures up to 280° C, making it the perfect adhesive for reflow soldering.

Once cured, Structalit® 5610 is extremely shock-resistant and features very high adhesion to FR4 circuit boards, to metals and to epoxy-based mold materials.

For more information visit us at Productronica in Munich in hall A4, stand 465!


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Vitralit UC 6686 is well suited for applying decorative reliefs on glass bottles
UV glue for decorating glass bottles

New epoxy resin UV adhesive for dome coatings

At this year’s BondExpo, Panacol is presenting its latest development: Vitralit® UC 6686 – a UV-curing epoxy resin adhesive. Extremely hard and scratch-resistant, it is perfect for dome coatings and for decorating glass and plastics.

Vitralit® UC 6686 is an epoxy resin based single-component adhesive, which cures rapidly under UV light. Developed especially for dome coatings, its high viscosity makes it ideal for automatic dispensing and application with precise pattern.

Once cured, Vitralit® UC 6686 is extremely hard and scratch-resistant and has a transparent, brilliant high-gloss surface that does not yellow. It adheres especially well to glass, plastics and metals and has already been successfully used to in the decoration of glass perfume bottles.

The adhesive can be cured with both UV gas discharge lamps and UV LED lamps. Very good adhesion of applications over a large surface can be achieved with Hönle’s LED Spot 100 at a wavelength of 365 nm.

Visit us at the BondExpo in Stuttgart, Germany in Hall 6, Stand 6420!



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Panacol's masking adhesives are easily sprayed with Viscotec's eco-SPRAY
Spraying glue for masks and maskings

Precision spraying of maskings and conformal coatings

The new preeflow® eco-SPRAY precision volume dispenser from ViscoTec makes for even and fast application of Panacol maskings and conformal coatings. The new technology yields perfect results with exceptional edge sharpness whether spraying low- or high-viscosity UV adhesives.

Spraying high-viscosity adhesives from Panacol onto large surfaces at more than 10,000 mPa becomes child’s play with the eco-SPRAY from ViscoTec: the new dispenser makes short work even of highly viscous and stable materials, such as Panacol’s liquid seal Vitralit® FIPG 60102 or masking compound Vitralit® MASK 20102, which is specially formulated for temporary coatings. The purely volumetric dosing of the eco-SPRAY system uses the endless piston principle to precisely meter and apply exact amounts regardless of their viscosity and supply pressure.

To achieve the required layer thickness, the applied amount can be changed simply by changing the air pressure, the adhesive volume, the distance to the substrate or the speed of application. The eco-SPRAY is intuitive in use and can be adapted to different materials and dosing processes with a range of supplied needle diameters and air caps.

Capable of handling viscous adhesives, the eco-SPRAY has also proven suitable for spraying and vaporizing low-viscosity conformal coatings. The two products used here were Vitralit® 2004 F and Vitralit® 2007 F – both dual-curing epoxy resin based adhesives. With the eco-SPRAY, both of these adhesives can be applied as surface coatings with high edge sharpness and cured in a continuous process with UV flood lamp, for example from Hönle’s UVAPRINT range. Here, the arc length can be ideally adapted to the PCB’s width.

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New shear-thinning adhesive Structalit 8801 T cures at low temperatures
Structural glue Structalit 8801T

New structural adhesive cures at low temperatures

Panacol introduces newly developed structural adhesive Structalit® 8801 T, which cures rapidly at low temperatures. The epoxy adhesive was specially formulated for temperature-sensitive applications in electronics, as well as automotive and aerospace industries.
Structalit® 8801 T is an all-purpose beige-colored single-component epoxy adhesive. It is ideally suited for potting applications in electronic components. Its excellent chemical resistance against oils and fuels makes it the perfect choice for bonding applications in the automotive and aerospace industry. Structalit® 8801 T has been successfully used in applications where strong resistance to hot kerosene and brake fluids was needed.

Due to its shear thinning properties Structalit® 8801 T offers improved flow control and the ability for precise dispensing on components surfaces. This adhesive develops high bond strength on ceramics, metals and many plastics.

Structalit® 8801 T cures very quickly at low oven temperatures. At 100°C this adhesive will fully cure in only a few minutes. Induction curing processes can be used to cure Structalit® 8801 T on ferromagnetic substances.

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A fluorescent version of dual curing adhesive Vitralit UD 8050
Electronic grade adhesive

New Glob Top adhesives

Specially for the consumer and general electronics industry, Panacol has developed two new adhesives with a low halogen content: Vitralit® UD 8050 and Structalit® 8838 provide encapsulation of electronic components on PCBs.

Vitralit® UD 8050 is an acrylic-based one-component adhesive which, thanks to its easy dispensing ability and rapid curing, is especially suitable for use in the consumer electronics sector, in which a high throughput is necessary.
Exposed to UV light, Vitralit® UD 8050 cures within seconds. Being dual UV and moisture curing, Vitralit® UD 8050 will also fully cure in shadowed areas not reached by the UV light, thereby increasing the performance of the hardened adhesive. For enhanced process control, a version with fluorescent marker is also available.   

Structalit® 8838 is a black epoxy-based one-component adhesive. Its key characteristics are a low glass transition temperature, good flexibility and fast thermal curing. Once cured, Structalit® 8838 is the perfect solution for flexible encapsulation of electronic components. Temperature and moisture tests have proved that the adhesive does not impair the properties of individual components.

Both Vitralit® UD 8050 and Structalit® 8838 allow better flow control and precise dispensing on individual components due to their intrinsic viscosity. Both of these adhesives are compatible with fluxing agent and can therefore ensure full, effective curing on electronic components. With a low halogen content, they fulfil international electronic grade standards regarding corrosion prevention of electronic components.


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Download (preliminary) datasheets for Vitralit® UD 8050 and Structalit® 8838 (pdfs)

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Two substrates bonded with new UV-adhesive Vitralit VBB-2N LV
New rubber glue

New UV-adhesive for elastomeric bonds

At the BondExpo in Stuttgart/Germany Panacol presents a new solvent free UV-adhesive. Vitralit® VBB-2N LV features low viscosity and is ideally suited for bonding elastomeric materials.
Due to its extremely low viscosity Vitralit® VBB-2N LV is suitable for large area bonding as well as applications where the gap size is very small. When cured, it demonstrates excellent flexibility and environmental stability. Vitralit® VBB-2N LV is a solvent-free transparent adhesive and provides very good adhesion to most elastomeric materials like TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) and rubber (natural rubber latex, NBR, SBR etc).

If at least one assembly material is transparent, Vitralit® VBB-2N LV cures in seconds with UV-A light to produce a strong and reliable bond. UV-blocking materials like polycarbonate can be cured due to the adhesive’s ability to cure with visible light (>400nm). Both gas discharge lamps and LEDs are suitable for curing. Excellent curing results were achieved with the 405nm Blue Point LED light from Dr. Hoenle AG.

For use in medical applications Panacol can provide an alternative product with similar properties that meets the requirements for USP Class VI and is compatible with sterilization by autoclaving, gamma irradiation and EtO.

Panacol-Elosol GmbH, a member of the global Hoenle group, is an international supplier of adhesives with a broad product range that includes UV curable adhesives, structural adhesives, and conductive adhesives. Panacol is also a reliable provider of UV processing systems, supported by Dr. Hoenle AG. Hoenle is a global technology leader and manufacturer of industrial UV curing devices and systems. At BondExpo in Stuttgart, Panacol presents its high tech products for various applications.


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Download technical datasheet for Vitralit® VBB-2N LV (pdf)

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Vitralit® 7311 is the perfect choice for bonding needles
Needle bonding glue

New plastic adhesive with multiple viscosity options

Panacol introduces a newly developed UV adhesive, which is specially formulated for bonding plastics and will be available in three different viscosities.
The appropriate viscosity can be chosen depending on the application: Vitralit® 7311 is extremely low viscosity and thus the perfect choice for very tight bond gaps.  Vitralit® 7311 T is a mid-range viscosity version, and Vitralit® 7311 Gel features high viscosity, non-flowing properties.

All three variations of Vitralit® 7311 provide excellent adhesion to most plastics like PC, PVC and PMMA, as well as to metal and glass. Vitralit® 7311 is transparent and non-yellowing. It is resistant to alcohols and humidity. Once cured, the adhesive will be visco-plastic. For use in medical applications Vitralit® 7311 is currently being tested according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993-4/-5 standards.

Vitralit® 7311 cures in seconds with ultraviolet or visible light. For excellent curing results high intensity LEDs at 405 nm wavelength are recom-mended. This wavelength also permits the bonding of UV blocked materials like polycarbonate. Vitralit® 7311, as an example, can be utilized for needle bonding in medical device manufacturing. Cured with a Bluepoint LED eco light source from UV manufacturer Hönle,  Vitralit® 7311 achieves high bond strength in less than a second, providing reliable and durable bonds.

Download press release (pdf)

Download (preliminary) technical datasheets for Vitralit® 7311, Vitralit® 7311 T and Vitralit® 7311 Gel

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New light curing adhesive Vitralit® UV 4050 MV features excellent adhesion to plastics and polycarbonate
New plastic bonder Vitralit UV 4050 MV

New UV-adhesive for plastic bonds

At the Medtec show in Stuttgart/Germany Panacol presents a new adhesive from its successful Vitralit® UV 4050s series: Vitralit® UV 4050 MV features medium viscosity and is best suited for bonding plastics, especially for medtech applications.

With 450 to 650 mPas Vitralit® UV 4050 MV is of medium viscosity. When cured it shows a very good flexibility and an excellent stability. This transparent adhesive has a very low shrinkage of only 2%.
The newly developed adhesive provides excellent adhesion to most plastics like PVC, ABS, SAN and PC, as well as to stainless steel and glass. If at least one assembly material is transparent, Vitralit® UV 4050 MV will cure very quickly to produce a strong and reliable bond. UV blocked materials like polycarbonate can be cured thanks to the adhesive’s ability to cure with visible light (>400nm).
Vitralit® UV 4050 MV cures in seconds with UV-A and visible light. Both gas discharge lamps and LEDs are suitable to use for curing. Excellent curing results were achieved with LED lights with a wavelength of 405 nm. Vitralit® UV 4050 MV is currently being tested according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993-4/-5 standards for use in medical applications.

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Jetting conductive Elecolit® adhesive
Jetting conductive glue Elecolit®

New jettable conductive adhesives

Panacol recently expanded its Elecolit®-product portfolio. Thanks to new, innovative filling materials and optimized hardener systems, newly developed adhesives with improved conductivity are now available. For maximimum processing speed, these adhesives can be applied by jetting. New hardener systems in many of the one part epoxy based adhesives develop cure within minutes.

The new Elecolit® silver filled adhesives are available in a range of viscosities to accommodate various applications and requirements. As the conductivity is strongly dependent on the content of conductive filler, Panacol uses uniquely shaped filling materials to achieve an optimal fill ratio. This ensures high conductivity and consistent product performance.

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More information on our electrically conductive adhesives

Vitralit® UV 4050 LV is the perfect choice to bond transparent tube sets with tight bond gaps
New medical grade glue UV glue visible light curable adhesive

New low-viscosity UV- and visible light-curing adhesive

Vitralit® UV 4050 LV is a newly developed adhesive with extremely low viscosity and thus the perfect choice for very tight bond gaps. It provides excellent adhesion to most plastics like PC, PVC, PS, ABS, SAN as well as to metals like stainless steel, steel or aluminum and glass. If at least one assembly material is transparent, Vitralit® UV 4050 LV will cure very quickly to produce a strong and reliable bond. The ability to cure with visible light (>400nm) permits the bonding of UV blocked materials like polycarbonate.  Vitralit® UV 4050 LV is currently being tested according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993-4/-5 standards for use in medical applications.

Vitralit® UV 4050 LV cures in seconds with UV-A and visible light. Both gas discharge lamps and LEDs are suitable to use for curing. High intensity gallium doped gas discharge lamps produce excellent curing results.

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Download technical datasheet for Vitralit® UV 4050 LV (pdf)

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Dual cure adhesive Vitralit® UD 2018 can be accurately dispensed
UV glue Vitralit UD 2018

New dual curing adhesive

Vitralit® UD 2018 is a thixotropic epoxy adhesive with extremely low shrinkage. It can be dispensed very precisely with accurate bead dimensions, making it the perfect choice for micro dispensing in electronic applications, such as fixing SMDs or transceivers on PCBs.
Typically, Vitralit® UD 2018 comes in a pink and fluorescent version. It cures with traditional UV-A discharge lamps or 365 nm LED-light. Any shadowed areas can be post cured thermally.
The adhesive offers all the benefits of epoxy resins: It is highly resistant to environmental stresses, and can better withstand the effects of wide temperature excursions and moisture. This makes Vitralit® UD 2018 the perfect solution for bonding SMDs and electronic components which are frequently subjected to temperature variations and thermal shock.

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Panacol Expands Adhesive Portfolio for Medical Applications

Adhesive Structalit® 5893 is Panacol’s latest addition to its portfolio of medical grade adhesives. The black epoxy potting compound has been specially formulated for bonding metals and stainless steel. Structalit® 5893 has already proved successful as a black encapsulant in electronic applications, as well as for bonding and encapsulating injection devices for veterinary medicine. The adhesive is based on epoxy resin with excellent resistance to moisture and thermo-shock.
Germany-based Panacol-Elosol GmbH, a member of Hoenle Group, is a leading manufacturer of industrial and medical grade adhesives.
Visit us at Medtec Europe from 21 to 23 April 2015 in Stuttgart at stand no. 7C 28!

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Download technical datasheet for Structalit® 5893 (pdf)

Vitralit® 7041 MV is specially formulated for bonding needles into plastic oder glass syringes
Needle assembly with UV glue and LED glue

Panacol Presents New Medical Grade Adhesive

Panacol-Elosol GmbH presents new medical grade adhesive Vitralit® 7041 MV at this year’s Compamed in Duesseldorf, Germany: Panacol’s latest addition to its medical grade adhesives portfolio is Vitralit® 7041 MV.
The adhesive has a USP Class VI-certification and has been successfully tested in needle bonding applications. Vitralit® 7041 MV is an acrylate which shows very high adhesion to polycarbonate and is thus very suitable for needle bonding, reservoir assembly, bonding dialysis filters, and bonding of connectors and IV tube sets.With a viscosity range from 200 to 400 mPas, Vitralit® 7041 MV can be used in a variety of bond gaps and joint configurations. For an optimum process control, the adhesive is also available in a fluorescent version, Vitralit® 7041 MV F, which is also certified USP Class VI. Vitralit® 7041 MV can be cured with either UV- or LED-light. The quickest curing results were achieved with 405 nm LEDs.

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An epoxy adhesive is cured with LED light
Epoxy glue is applied as conformal coating and cured with LED Powerline

LED-Curing Epoxies

Panacol presents its LED-curing epoxy adhesives at this year's BondExpo trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany. Thanks to the development of new photoinitiators, Panacol is now able to produce new adhesive materials that are based on highly resilient epoxy resins. They can be fully cured within seconds with many of today’s UV-LED light curing systems.








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A view of the new Panacol laboratory
New lab of glue manufacturer Panacol

Panacol Inaugurates New Laboratory Spaces

Panacol increases its Research & Development capacity by adding a new laboratory at its headquarters in Steinbach near Frankfurt, Germany. The new lab provides a large venue for development activity and is outfitted with state-of-the-art technical equipment.
Panacol's Applications Engineering Group will annex the former R&D lab, increasing their own workspace and capacity for projects. Altogether, Panacol now operates four laboratories in its Steinbach facility, in all of which Panacol's engineers can work under yellow light to prevent a premature curing of the adhesives in daylight or neon light.
With the additional lab space Panacol elevates its role as an industry leader in adhesives development and production. More individual customer requests can now be fulfilled in a shorter time, and the ability to develop customised adhesives for special requirements will be enhanced.

New Medical Grade Adhesives

Panacol presents its new and innovative adhesives for applications in the Medical Device sector at this year's Medtec Europe trade fair in Stuttgart: The new portfolio includes Vitralit® 7562, a highly moisture-resistant adhesive, as well as epoxy adhesive Vitralit® 1655 and acrylate Vitralit® 4731, expanding Panacol's portfolio of PVC and polycarbonate adhesives. Both products are extremely flexible and therefore excellent for bonding larger surfaces without inducing stress cracking. All adhesives are compatible with the common sterilisation processes and specifically formulated to meet USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards.

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Download technical datasheets for Vitralit® 1655, Vitralit® 4731 and Vitralit® 7562