Display Seals

Panacol liquid seals are used especially for simultaneous bonding and sealing of displays and touchscreens. Form-in-place gasket (FIPG) and cured-in-place gasket (CIPG) adhesives are fast-curing and protect displays from external influences such as air humidity, dust and cleaning agents.

The table below lists a selection of adhesives from Panacol that are suitable for bonding and sealing. Further products and custom solutions are available on request.

FIPG for display sealing | © Panacol

Panacol's liquid seals are the perfect solution for sealing displays

To download the technical datasheets (TDS) please click on the adhesive name.

Adhesive Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing*
Vitralit® 4641 1,000-2,500 acrylate UV
Vitralit® 4732 VT 33,000-40,000 acrylate UV
Vitralit® 5140 VT shear thinning acrylate UV
Vitralit® FIPG 60102 shear thinning acrylate UV
Vitralit® VBB 1 Gel 150,000-190,000 acrylate UV

*UV = 320 - 239 nm          VIS = 405 nm