Conformal Coatings

A conformal coating is used to protect electronic components from environmental factors. Adhesives used as conformal coatings are dual-curing: at their edges and visible surfaces they are cured with UV light; the shadowed areas – for example underneath components or chips – as well as deeper-lying regions are then post-cured by heat application.

To cover large surfaces with a conformal coating, we recommend low-viscosity adhesives. These adhesives are equally suited for spray coating, spin coating and dip coating.

Selective conformal coating can be realized with high-viscosity dam material: With a highly viscous adhesive, a frame or dam is formed, which is then filled with mobile adhesive. This process is also referred to as dam-and-fill.

UV-curing conformal coatings allow rapid curing. Especially epoxy resin-based adhesives are silicone-free and ensure maximum media resistance.

Fluorescent epoxy adhesive is used as Conformal Coating on a PCB

The table below lists a selection of Panacol adhesives suitable as conformal coating. Further products and custom solutions are available on request.

Adhesive Application Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing*
Vitralit® 1671 Frame material for frame & fill applications 250,000-300,000 epoxy UV
Vitralit® 2004 F conformal coating 60-100 epoxy UV
Vitralit® 2007 F conformal coating 200-500 epoxy UV
Vitralit® 2008 160-300 epoxy UV
Vitralit® 2009 F conformal coating 100-200 epoxy UV
Vitralit® 4451 conformal coating 500-800 acrylate UV
Vitralit® UD 8050 Conformal coating shear thinning acrylate UV

*UV = 320 - 390 nm