Sensor Technology

It is impossible to imagine the automotive and vehicle industry without sensor technology. Sensors detect physical or chemical properties such as temperature, humidity, pressure, force or acceleration and convert them into an electrical signal that can be further processed. In some cases, sensors must function in critical environments without failure and for as long as possible. Panacol adhesives are used in sensor technology to fix and/or protect components, for shielding, heat dissipation or electrical contacting.

Sensor technology is used both in the interior and exterior of vehicles. Sensors must be adapted to the environment and withstand temperature fluctuations, humidity, media resistance, vibrations and other conditions. Panacol adhesives, sealants and potting compounds are ideally suited for this purpose, as they not only protect but also bond sensor components. Sensors in outdoor areas are also exposed to humidity and rain, where glob tops or pottings with low ion content from Panacol offer additional protection against corrosion. 

In addition to the environment, other factors such as substrates, surface conditions or thermal expansion coefficient play a decisive role in the selection of the potting or connecting compound. The choice of process can also contribute significantly to product recommendation. UV-curing products in particular are an efficient and fast method for casting or bonding. The viscosity settings can be continuously optimized and adjusted here. Panacol offers competent advice based on many years of know-how and a wide range of products for this area. 

Material in possible shadowed areas can be safely cured by dual-curing products. Here, the adhesive on the sensor or component is first fixed with UV light. In a second step, the adhesive then cures with heat or moisture in the non-exposed areas. 

Sensor bonding solutions

A Structalit® adhesive is used as potting on a sensor board.

Bonding Solutions for Sensors:

Glob top adhesive protecting SMDs

Protection of Sensors

Glob Tops and potting compounds are used to protect sensors against corrosion and other environmental and chemical influences. Dual-curing adhesives are available for shadowed areas.

Flexible conductive adhesives for FPCBs

Electrical Contacting

Products from the Elecolit® product range can be used for electrical contacting of sensors, components and other vehicle electronics. These electrically conductive adhesives cure even at low temperatures, so that they are used instead of soldering, especially on heat-sensitive components. In addition, adhesives are more flexible and therefore enable stress-free connections. 

Thermally conductive adhesive from Panacol on electronic components for heat sinks

Heat Dissipation

Panacol has developed special thermally conductive adhesives and silicone-free thermal interface materials (TIM) for heat dissipation in heat-sensitive components. These adhesives are both thermally conductive and electrically insulating. 

Panacol Fallback


Sensitive sensors often need to be shielded against electromagnetic or electrostatic radiation in order to operate without interference. Magnetic fields or radio waves can also restrict the functioning of sensors or interfere with signals. For this purpose, conductive adhesives can be used.

In the following table you will find a selection of adhesives suitable for the various applications in sensor technology. Further products and customer-specific solutions are available on request.

Technical data sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the adhesive name.

Adhesive Applications Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing* Properties
Vitralit® UV 2113 Potting
Protection of sensitive components
19,000-32,000 (Rheometer, 25°C, 10s^-1) acrylate UV
Acrylate hybrid
superior strength
low thermal expansion
impact resistant
low shrinkage
resistant to soldering stress
excellent flow properties
Vitralit® 1600 LV Glob Top
Potting Material
Encapsulation of electronic components
Conformal Coating
3,000-5,000 epoxy UV
secondary heat cure
Very high Tg
low water absorption
low ion content
very high chemical resistance
Vitralit® 1671 Frame material for frame & fill applications 9,000-14,000 epoxy UV
secondary heat cure
Stable frame compound
high ion purity
electronic grade adhesive
high temperature conductivity
low water absorption
UL94 HB test passed
Vitralit® 1680 sealing compound as glob top or filler
5,000-8,000 epoxy UV Very high resistance to heat and humidity
electronic grade adhesive
low ion content
suitable for chip protection
Vitralit® 2028 Conformal Coating,
Encapsulation of electronic components
160-300 epoxy UV
secondary heat cure
Dry surface after UV-curing
excellent chemical resistance
scratch resistant coating
Vitralit® 4731 Bonding of flexible components;
Attaching components on PCBs
900-1,500 (LVT, 25°C, Sp. 3/30 rpm) acrylate UV
Dry surface after curing,
biocompatible: certified to USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 standards
Vitralit® 4731 VT Bonding of flexible components;
Attaching components on PCBs
4,000-8,000 acrylate UV
dry surface after curing
flexible and tear-proof
excellent adhesion to many plastics
Vitralit® 6104 Encapsulation of electronic components 3,000-8,000 acrylate UV
secondary heat cure
Very high adhesion to metals and sintered materials
Vitralit® VBB-1 Encapsulation of electronic components 1,000-1,500 acrylate UV
high peel strength
optically clear
very flexible
suitable for potting
Vitralit® UD 5180 Fixing components,
sensor encapsulation in automotive/aerospace industry,
bonding lenses,
bonding plastic parts and plastic housings
4,000-6,000 epoxy UV
secondary heat cure
Perfect solution for bonding flexible circuit paths
resistant to reflow processes
grey color
Elecolit® 3025 Bonding heat-sensitive components;
Heat dissipation
80,000-90,000 Mix, 25,000-35,000 part A, 60,000-70 000, part B, (Rheometer, 25 °C, 10s^-1) 2 component epoxy thermal
room temperature
electrically conductive (ICA)
thermally conductive
Elecolit® 3661 Heat dissipation 20,000-40,000 epoxy thermal electrically conductive (ICA)
thermally conductive
Elecolit® 6601 Sensor bonding
Dissipation of heat
12,000-20,000 (LVT, 25 °C, Sp. 4/6 rpm) epoxy thermal thermally conductive, solvent-free,
white color,
excellent bonding to metals,
very good flow properties
Elecolit® 6603 Dissipation of heat 95 000 - 115 000 (LVT, 25 °C, Sp. 4/3 rpm) epoxy thermal thermally conductive
grey color
very good adhesion to metal
excellent flow properties
Elecolit® 6616 Vibration and shock resistant bonding of sensors and components 50,000-120,000 (Rheometer, 25 °C, 10s^-1) 2 component epoxy thermal
room temperature
thermally conductive
black color
Structalit® 5894 M Glob top encapsulation
Encapsulation of electronic components
Bonding of electronic components
Fill material for frame&fill
20,000-30,000 (Rheometer, 25 °C, 20s ^-1) epoxy thermal Black color
excellent flow properties
filling material for frame and fill applications on PCBs,
very high resistance to heat and chemicals
Structalit® 8801 Attaching components on PCBs,
Encapsulation of electronic components,,
Encapsulation of plastic parts,
Potting material
30,000-45,000 (LVT, 25°C, Sp. 4/6 rpm) epoxy thermal Resistant to oils, grease and fuels
excellent flow properties
beige color
certified to ISO 10993-5 standards
Structalit® 8838 Attaching components on PCBs;
Encapsulation or potting of electronic components
6,500-7,500 (Rheometer, 25°C, 20s^-1) epoxy thermal Black color
flexible potting compound
excellent flow properties

*UV = 320 - 390 nm          VIS = 405 nm