Bonding camera modules

In the electronics sector adhesives are used in particular for mobile phone and smartphone camera modules. This includes bonding of individual parts – such as the lens into the lens mount or the lens mount onto the camera sensor –, fixing the camera chip onto the circuit board (die attach), use of the adhesive as chip underfill, bonding low-pass filters and gluing the assembled camera modules into the device housing.

Special adhesives allow precise assembly and durable bonding of ever smaller camera module components. The adhesives used are suitable for large-scale production of camera modules and cure quickly at low temperatures.

Lens bonding for mini cameras

The lenses and small modules of smartphone cameras are joined with adhesives

The table below lists a selection of adhesives that are recommended for bonding camera modules. Further products and custom solutions are available on request.

To download the technical datasheets (TDS) please click on the adhesive name.

Adhesive Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing*
Vitralit® UD 5134 15,000-25,000 acrylate UV
secondary heat cure
Vitralit® UV 2113 19,000-32,000 hybrid UV
Vitralit® UV 2115 20,000-30,000 hybrid UV
Vitralit® UV 2415 1,500-2,500 acrylate UV

*UV = 320 - 390 nm          VIS = 405 nm