Vitralit®: UV and Light Curing Adhesives

Vitralit® UV adhesives and potting compounds are single component systems based on acrylate or epoxy resin foundations. They cure under UV or visible light within seconds and, depending on the product, can be post-cured thermally. Curing times of 0.5 to 60 seconds can be achieved with high intensity UV gas discharge lamps or LED systems. The Vitralit® adhesives are the perfect choice for high volume production. The short exposure times allow processing and bonding of temperature sensitive substrates. By thermally post-curing the adhesives, the Vitralit® products can also be cured in shadow areas.

UV and light curing Vitralit® adhesives simplify handling and dispensing processes. A wide range of viscosities, from capillary flow to gap filling, are available. They provide the perfect solution for every individual application. All Vitralit® UV and light curing adhesives are solvent free and environmentally safe.

Advantages of UV and light curing Vitralit® adhesives:
  • Easy to handle: curing on demand, no mixing of components necessary, no pot life limits
  • Fast curing times allow high volume production in automated production lines
  • Low energy costs due to short curing times
  • Solvent free
  • Large product portfolio: from low to high viscosity and from transparent to coloured
  • Medical grade adhesives: Specially formulated and DIN ISO 10993 or USP Class VI certified

Our comprehensive range of Vitralit® UV and light curing adhesives covers a multitude of applications and offers many benefits. Vitralit® systems are currently used in many industries and markets around the world. To maximize process efficiency, Panacol offers compatible UV and LED lights from our partner company Dr. Hoenle.

Bonding glass/metal with LED-curing Vitralit® adhesive

Vitralit UV-glue from Panacol

The UV adhesives of the Vitralit® series are available in convenient packaging sizes

Vitralit® UV-system:  Adhesives/coatings and UV-lamps from one source for many industries and applications, such as:

Chip encapsulation with fluorescent adhesive Vitralit® UD 8050 from Panacol for electronic components

UV Adhesives for Electrotechnics / Electronics

  • Component sealing
  • Frame connectors of electric motors
  • Loud speaker bonding
  • Heat sink bonding
Applications on PCB

UV Applications on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

  •     Glob-Top
  •     Die Bonding
  •     Conformal Coating
  •     SMD-Fixing
Bonding solutions for smart cards

UV Adhesives for Smart Card Chips

  • Chip coating, short curing time
  • Dam & Fill
  • Snap-curing
  • High ionic purity
  • Good thermal conductivity
Panacol Fallback

UV Bonding Solutions for Optoelectronics

  • Transparent and non-yellowing
  • Low shrinkage
  • Glob tops of diodes or LEDs
Lens bonded with cements and adhesives for optics

UV Adhesives for Optics and Fibre Optics

  • Fibre-chip bonding
  • Lens and prism bonding
  • High purity
  • High transmission
  • Nano fillers
medical grade adhesive products

Medical grade adhesives

  • USP Class VI, ISO 10993
  • Short curing time
  • Very good adhesion to glass, plastics and metals
  • Solvent free
  • Compatible with common sterilisation processes
3D liquid gasket on metal component FIPG CIPG

UV Adhesives as Liquid Gaskets and Sealants

  • FIPG and CIPG
  • Display seals
  • Sealing electronic components
UV glue for bonding plastics

Plastic Bonding with UV Adhesives

  • Encapsulation of plastic components
  • Holding plastic components
  • Bonding plastic enclosures and moulded parts
  • Dome coating
rubber bonded with adhesive

Rubber Bonding with elastic UV Adhesives

  • UV adhesives for elastic substrates
  • Bonding of TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) and natural rubber latex, NBR, SBR


Glass adhesive for perfume bottles

UV Solutions for Luxury Packagings

  • Transparent bonding of glass and plastic
  • Domings
  • Decorative effects
Bonding for automotive sector

UV Bonding Solutions for Automotive Industry

  • Protecting Battery Packs
  • Sealing of Chargers
  • Potting and fixing of sensors
  • Adhesives for production of mini cameras
  • Bonding of displays


LOCA adhesives from Panacol for serial display lamination

Optically Clear UV Adhesives for Display Bonding

  • UV bonding of displays and touchscreens
  • Optically clear adhesive
  • Transparent, non-yellowing UV adhesives and sealants
  • UV and dual cure adhesives for shadowed areas