Quality Management

Quality and customer satisfaction have highest priority.

The ongoing improvement of processes ensures superior quality. The following aims are at the core of our activities:

  • The continuous further development and testing of our products.
  • Our customers’ full satisfaction.
  • Timely identification of customers’ needs and early definition of future tasks.
  • Solving problems with a high level of quality.

Continuous investment in equipment and personnel for quality assurance and quality control highlight the importance of this area for us.

IMDS: Entry for adhesives in the IMDS database upon request

Certificate: Panacol is certified according to DIN ISO 9001

Panacol employees check the quality of an adhesive on equipment

Quality control in our inhouse laboratories



Our sales partners and carriers are chosen, informed and advised wittingly so that our products reach the customer safely.


Panacol is certified as "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO).
The AEO status is an internationally recognized quality mark that shows the role of a company in the international supply chain is secure and their customs controls and procedures are efficient and meet EU standards. Regarding the type of authorization granted an authorized economic operator is entitled to benefit from numerous advantages in the field of safety-relevant custom controls and simplifications in accordance with customs legislation.

Our authorization number: DE AEOC 128330

Directorate General Customs and Taxation © European Union, 2007-2019

Known Consignor

Panacol is authorized by the German federal aviation administration as Known Consignor for air freight deliveries.

Our authorization number: DE/KC/01389


Our products are considered throughout the lifecycle for environmental and safety factors to assess human and environmental impacts well enough in advance.
It is our declared aim to develop and produce products which, when handled correctly, are safe and eco-friendly and can also be disposed of eco-friendly. Wherever possible, we therefore refrain from using raw materials with risk potential and from the production of solvent-based adhesives.


Panacol has already launched environmental management based on DIN EN ISO 14001 since 2008 with "Ökoprofit". As part of our ecological policy, we committed to respect ecological and safety requirements, in addition to the applicable laws and regulations.

Certificate: Ökoprofit Vordertaunus (in German only)

REACH – Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals

The REACH Regulation, effective since December 2008, includes the entire chemical industry: manufacturers, users as well as end-consumers. All chemicals are registered and listed with every detailed information in Helsinki, Finland at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which gives us a unified European chemicals legislation.
Within the supply chain Panacol is in the user’s position. We aren’t producing chemicals, but process them. To be sure that our products are compliant to the REACH Regulation, we use only substances which are already registered by the supply firm at ECHA.
Because REACH includes the whole lifecycle of a substance, every using within the supply chain needs to be considered. Therefore Panacol is in constant information exchange with the users of their preparations.



The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) of the European Union obliges manufacturers not to use ecological harmful or unhealthy components and substances. It regulates the usage and the putting into circulation of hazardous substances especially in electronics and electronic components. Even the electrical components have to be free from hazardous substances.
All of our adhesives are RoHS compliant.