Elecolit®: Conductive Adhesives

The Panacol product line of Elecolit® conductive adhesives are both electrically and thermally conductive adhesives. Elecolit® conductive adhesives contain metallic filling materials, primarily silver flakes. This creates efficient energy flow and high conductivity.

Benefits of Elecolit® conductive adhesives compared to other attachment methods:

  • Lead and solvent-fee
  • Micro-dispensing by screen printing or jetting
  • Vibration resistant connections
  • High temperature resistance
  • No bleeding
  • Snap cure and lower temperature curing options available
  • RoHs compliant

The percentage of conductive filler greatly influences the degree of conductivity within the adhesive. With a higher fill ratio, conductivity increases due to the fact that more conductive particles come in contact with each other to create a conducting path. Conductivity can further be improved through the size and geometry of the conductive particles that are used to fill the adhesive.  The adhesive curing process also plays a significant role in maximizing conductivity. Shortened curing cycle times and excessively low curing temperatures can lead to low crosslinking density.  This condition can permit the random displacement of the metallic fillers by external mechanical influences.  Too short curing times or too low curing temperatures lead to the occurrence of low crosslinking density and the build-up of excessive bonding stresses within the adhesive.

Until recently, the curing of conductive adhesives was a slow process. Thanks to new hardener systems, conductive adhesives can be now cured within a few minutes: Several one-part Elecolit® conductive adhesives have been modified for snap-curing ability.

Elecolit® conductive adhesives are relatively simple to apply. With the appropriate selection of filler type, they can be dispensed through automated valves, high speed “Jet” dispensing systems, and screen printing.

Panacol provides an extensive Elecolit® product portfolio of one- and  two-part conductive adhesives for:

Elecolit, electrically and thermally conductive adhesives from Panacol

Elecolit® - Our brand for electrically or thermally conductive adhesives

Facts and figures:

Elecolit® - Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives


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