Electrically conductive adhesive

Electrically conductive adhesives are usually thermally curing epoxy resin-based or UV-curing acrylate-based adhesives augmented with metallic fillers, such as silver. Grade, shape, grain size and grain distribution of the filling material are critical influencers to optimizing adhesive conductivity. A significant contributor to conductivity is the adhesive curing process.

Electrically conductive adhesives are often used as a more effective alternative to conventional soldering. They are particularly suitable for making electrical contacts on temperature-sensitive substrates, as their curing temperature lies clearly below soldering temperature. In addition the adhesives are much more flexible than solder and are therefore better able to withstand vibrations. A further advantage over soldering is that conductive adhesives are lead- and solvent-free. 

There are two types of electrically conductive adhesives: isotropic and anisotropic. Isotropic conductive adhesives (ICA) are electrically conductive in all directions. They are used in applications such as chip contacting and bonding electrically conductive SMDs. 
Anisotropic conductive adhesives (ACA) contain special conductive particles in the µm range, which conduct electricity only in one direction. These adhesives are used, for example, in many sensitive structures on circuit boards, such as LCD connections or contacting flexible PCBs, or for bonding antenna structures on RFIDs.  

With its Elecolit® range Panacol offers a broad spectrum of electrically conductive adhesives: single-component adhesives that can be simply applied with dispensers or jet- or screen-printed, as well as two-component products that cure at room temperature.

Panacol provides specially formulated conductive adhesives for the following applications:

Electrically conductive adhesives are conducting electricity

The Elecolit® brand offer a wide range of electrically conductive adhesives


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Electrically conductive adhesives

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