Thermally Conductive Adhesives For Applications in Electronics

Thermally conductive adhesives are often used to dissipate heat from power electronics. Used to bond heat sinks, for example, their heat conductivity reduces thermal strain to prevent performance loss or failure of electronic components. Thermally conductive adhesives are also used as encapsulation compound for temperature sensors for enclosures or reactors. 

Adhesives with thermal conductivity are synthetic resins augmented with metallic or inorganic filler materials. The best thermal conduction coefficients can be achieved with metallic fillers such as silver or graphite. These, however, also make the adhesive electrically conductive, which is undesirable in many applications. To achieve thermal conductivity and electrical insulation at the same time, adhesives augmented with ceramic or mineral-based fillers must be used. 

Panacol has developed highly efficient silicone-free 2-component TIMs (thermal interface material) especially for dissipating heat from chips and sensors. The heat dissipation significantly increases the service life of chips and sensors.

Compared to heat transfer compounds, thermoconductive adhesives have the advantage of holding or mounting components in addition to dissipating thermal energy.

Panacol offers a wide selection of thermally conductive adhesives: The spectrum ranges from epoxy resin based single- and two-component adhesives of the Elecolit® series, which are thermally curing and have a high temperature resistance of up to 200°C, to acrylate-based UV-curing adhesives of the Vitralit® line.

Thermoconductive adhesive for heat sinks

Thermally conductive adhesive is used for bonding heat sinks in the electronics industry

Product information:

Elecolit® - Conductive adhesives


Elecolit® (pdf)
Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives

The table below lists a selection of  thermally conductive adhesives from Panacol. Further products and custom solutions are available on request.

To download the technical datasheets (TDS) please click on the adhesive name.

Conductive Adhesive Application Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing* Properties
Elecolit® 6207 encapsulation
general potting
9,000-12,000 2 component epoxy thermal
room temperature
thermally conductive
black color
Ul listing
Elecolit® 6601 Heat sink bonding
Sensor bonding
12,000-20,000 (LVT, 25 °C, Sp. 4/6 rpm) epoxy thermal thermally conductive, solvent-free,
white color,
excellent bonding to metals,
very good flow properties
Elecolit® 6603 Magnet bonding
Heat sink bonding
Thermal management
95 000 - 115 000 (LVT, 25 °C, Sp. 4/3 rpm) epoxy thermal thermally conductive
grey color
very good adhesion to metal
excellent flow properties
Elecolit® 6607 Heat Sink Bonding
Thermal Management
Die Attach
50 000 - 65 000 (Rheometer 25°C, 5s^-1) epoxy thermal Thermally conductive, grey color
Excellent metal bonding
Cures at low temperatures
Elecolit® 6616 heat sink bonding 50,000-120,000 (Rheometer, 25 °C, 10s^-1) 2 component epoxy thermal
room temperature
thermally conductive
black color
Vitralit® 6129 various application for electronics and PCB assembly 4,000-7,000 acrylate UV
secondary heat cure
white color
very high resistance to heat and chemicals
very good thermal conductivity

*UV = 320 - 390 nm