Structural adhesives

Structural adhesives are usually two-component high-performance adhesives for use in both trade and industrial applications. They have very high peel and shear strength and are suitable for high-strength bonding of various materials.

Panacol’s Penloc® and Structalit® series contain many structural adhesives for various applications.

Penloc® structural adhesives
The methacrylate-based two-component Penloc® structural adhesive products are the ideal solution for all hard, non-porous materials. Easy to apply from twin cartridges, they cure quickly at room temperature.

Structalit® structural adhesives
The Structalit® structural adhesives are epoxy resin-based one- or two-component adhesives and feature exceptional strength and a high temperature and chemicals resistance. Single-component adhesives are heat-curing and the two-component products cure at room temperature, making these structural adhesives especially suitable for temperature-sensitive substrates.

Penloc 2K adhesive is applied

A green bead of Penloc® GTR-VT structural adhesive is applied with static mixer