UV Curing Systems

Panacol-Elosol GmbH provides a wide selection of industrial adhesives, including UV curing adhesives, structural adhesives, sealing compounds, and silicones. As a member of the worldwide operating Hönle Group, we can offer you even more:

Are you looking for a system solution for your bonding or coating application? Find your answer in the Hönle Group.

Head of the group is Dr. Hönle AG. Specializing in industrial UV technology, Hönle develops, manufactures and distributes units and systems for curing adhesives – based on conventional UV or LED-UV technology.

Hönle UV curing units and Panacol adhesives are perfectly matched to provide consistent results of the highest quality and efficiency. Our unique system solutions create fast and reliable bonding processes.

Hönle's cutting-edge technology and willingness to customize systems sets us apart from others in the UV industry. Working closely with our customers makes it possible to develop the best UV bonding system for each unique application.

Are you looking for UV or LED-UV curing systems for manual or automated production? Do you need powerful point sources or UV units for larger areas?

Review our range of products or simply contact us. We will be happy to provide you with our selection assistance and technical support.


Examples of bonding applications:

  • Display bonding
  • Display sealing
  • Loudspeaker/microphone bonding
  • Sensors
  • Corner bonding
  • Rotary position transducers
  • Sensor bonding
  • Bonding of electric motors
  • Bonding of miniature cameras
  • HDD assembly

Examples of potting/sealing applications:

  • Potting/sealing plugs, pin sealing
  • Curing of potting/sealing compound on smartcards
  • Chip encapsulation
  • LED potting/sealing
  • Potting/sealing of relays
  • Coil potting/sealing
  • Potting/sealing of PV modules
  • Potting/sealing of circuit boards
  • RFID
  • Potting/sealing of sensors
  • OLED encapsulation

UV- and UV-LED curing systems from Hönle