Innovative Industrial Adhesives

Panacol-Elosol supplies a comprehensive range of special-purpose industrial adhesives for use in many industrial applications. Our industrial adhesives range from UV adhesives (Vitralit®), structural adhesives (Structalit® and Penloc®) to conductive adhesives (Elecolit®) and cyanoacrylates (Cyanolit®). All adhesives and UV equipment can be individually tailored and tuned to your special requirements to ensure rapid bonding of maximum quality.

Our industrial adhesives and sealants:


UV-A and light-curing epoxides and acrylates

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Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives

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For extreme strengths and various materials

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2-part universal structural adhesives based on methacrylate resins

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Superglue: Cyanoacrylates for fast bonding

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