Innovative Industrial Adhesives

Panacol-Elosol supplies a comprehensive range of special-purpose adhesives for use in many industrial applications. All adhesives and UV equipment can be individually tailored and tuned to your special requirements to ensure rapid bonding of maximum quality.

Our adhesives and sealants:

Vitralit®: UV and Light Curing Adhesives

UV-A and light-curing epoxides and acrylates

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Elecolit®: Conductive Adhesives

Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives

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For extreme strengths and various materials

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Penloc®: Structural adhesives

Universal structural adhesives and anaerobic products for securing, fastening and sealing

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Cyanolit®: Superglue for Superfast Bonding

1- and 2-component cyanoacrylates/superglue

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