Optics and Optoelectronics

Adhesives are used in a wide variety of areas in the optics sector.  Special adhesives are used on the one hand to fix optics and lenses in order to secure them precisely in the housing, and on the other hand to bond several lenses together. Special light-conducting and optically highly transparent adhesives are also used for bonding, fixing and coupling glass fibers. 

In optoelectronics, optically transparent and non-yellowing adhesives are used as glob tops for diodes or LEDs. Panacol offers various specially formulated adhesives based on epoxy resins for fixing and aligning photodiodes and optical fibers for recording optical signals.

For optical sensors such as cameras or LiDAR systems in the automotive sector, Panacol has low-outgassing adhesives with low shrinkage and water absorption in its range. 

New adhesives have been specially developed for micro- and nano-imprint lithography, wafer level optics and optical wafer bonding. These new adhesives are suitable for the production of refractive lenses and diffractive optical elements (DOEs), or for bonding several glass or plastic wafers.

Lens bonded with cements and adhesives for optics

Optical adhesives from Panacol are used for joining and holding lenses

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For further information about each application, see:

Lens Bonding Adhesives

Lenses in cameras, microscopes and prisms and lenses in optical equipment such as lasers are often bonded to each other and their housing with special adhesives.

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Adhesive Applications in Fibre Optics

To secure fibre-optic cables, fibre arrays and waveguides, Panacol has developed special adhesives that can allow an unimpeded transmission of light at optical interfaces.

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Adhesives for Applications in Optoelectronics

Optoelectronic  devices are electrical-to-optical or optical-to-electrical transducers, which require specially formulated adhesives for manufacturing. 

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Imprint and Wafer Bonding

Specially developed adhesives from Panacol are suitable for micro and nano imprint lithography, wafer level optics and optical wafer bonding.

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