Optics and Fibre Optics

In optics adhesives and cements are used for sealing, holding and joining lenses. Special, photoconducting and highly transparent adhesives are used for bonding, securing and coupling glass fibres.

Lens bonded with cements and adhesives for optics

Optical adhesives from Panacol are used for joining and holding lenses

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Vitralit® - UV adhesives


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Optical Bonding

In larger lens systems, two or more components are often bonded together.

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Lens Bonding Cement

Lenses in cameras, microscopes and prisms and lenses in optical equipment such as lasers are often bonded to each other and their housing with special adhesives.

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Adhesive Applications in Fibre Optics

To secure fibre-optic cables, fibre arrays and waveguides, Panacol has developed special adhesives that can allow an unimpeded transmission of light at optical interfaces.

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