Cyanolit®: Superglue for Superfast Bonding

The Cyanolit® superglue series from Panacol includes a wide range of high performance cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Cyanolit® adhesives are solvent-free, reactive adhesives which are formulated from esters derived from cyanoacrylic acid. Typically three types of esters are used in cyanoacrylate adhesives based on their performance properties: ethyl ester, which provides universal adhesion characteristics;  butyl and alkyl esters which offer unique, but less reactive properties.

Curing of cyanoacrylates occurs without heat, pressure, or other activators. Typically, the one-component cyanoacrylate adhesives cure within seconds when in contact with atmospheric humidity or the moisture on the surfaces of the materials being bonded.

Cyanolit® adhesives provide:

  • Instant bonding without solvents
  • Application specific bonding of porous materials and rubber
  • Application specific bonding of PP and other critical plastics
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates, especially plastics
  • Great range of viscosities available, from capillary flow to thixotropic

For more information please refer to our Cyanolit® brochure and to our Technical Datasheets.

Cyanolit® portfolio of instant adhesives