Bonding Solutions for the Automotive Industry

While bonding was still rare in car production 60 years ago, it has by now become an indispensable joining technology. Today, the automotive industry relies on a wide variety of adhesives: Components in the car body, engine or interior that used to have to be soldered, bolted or welded can now be bonded securely and reliably. Sealing and potting applications from Panacol can be found at many points in vehicles. In vehicle electronics and sensors in particular, a wide variety of adhesives are used, enabling the lightweight processing of components. The technical, mechanical and physical demands on adhesives are increasing enormously: they must withstand wear, chemicals and temperature fluctuations and ensure vehicle safety.

The trend towards electromobility is only made possible by innovative high-tech adhesives  –  the only viable method of achieving a permanent, vibration- and climate-resistant connection of charging and battery systems. 

With its wide range of adhesives and matching curing equipment, Panacol offers innovative and tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry.

Adhesive applications for automotive sector

Special adhesives from Panacol are available for many applications in the automotive industry 

Facts and figures:

Structalit® -  Structural adhesives

Elecolit® - Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives

Vitralit® - UV adhesives


Panacol Automotive Brochure (pdf)

Applications where Panacol adhesives are being used in the automotive industry include:

Motor Assembly for Electric Vehicles

Adhesives are the perfect assembly solution for ev motors as they can optimize light weight housing and magnet bonding, and also protect and insulate coil windings.

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Battery Packs for E-Mobility

Adhesives for use in cell contacting systems and battery packs, protective coatings of welded joints of battery packs against corrosion

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Charging Stations and Chargers for E-Mobility

One main application area for adhesives in e-mobility is the bonding and securing of electronics in charging stations and chargers.

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Sensor Technology

Adhesives for fixing and protecting components in vehicles, for shielding, heat dissipation or electrical contacts.

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Camera Systems

Adhesives for the production of mini cameras: rear view cameras, driver assistance systems, cameras for traffic sign recognition

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