Edge Bonding and Corner Bonding

Edge bondings (or corner bondings) are adhesives designed to contribute to the stability  of sensitive and/or higher components, capacitors or battery cells on printed circuit boards. In addition, these edge or corner bonds ensure the reduction of stresses in sensitive connections, even under high shock and vibration loads and many fatigue cycles. They offer high adhesive strength as well as very good temperature and chemical resistance.

Most edge bonders from Panacol are stable UV-curing adhesives which, depending on the adhesive, also thermally post-cure in shadow zones. Due to their low curing temperatures, they are also suitable for temperature-sensitive components. After curing, they exhibit low shrinkage behavior. 

On request, these adhesives are also available in red or fluorescent coloring to ensure optimum quality and application control: The red coloring or fluorescence makes the quality of the bonding on each individual component easily visible and controllable, even in mass production. The red color in particular stands out visually from the mostly green PCBs.

Corner bondings protect battery cells

Adhesives stabilize SMDs (top) and battery cells (bottom image) on printed circuit boards

In the following table you will find a selection of Panacol adhesives that are suitable for edge bonding or corner bonding. Other products or customized solutions are available on request.

To download the technical datasheets (TDS) please click on the adhesive name.

Corner Bonder Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing* Properties
Structalit® 5705 7,000-12,000 epoxy thermal
Black color, yellow fluorescent, reworkable above 150°C, jettable, low in halogens, very suitable as edge bonding adhesive
Vitralit® 1671 9,000-14,000 epoxy UV
secondary heat cure
Stable frame compound
high ion purity
electronic grade adhesive
high temperature conductivity
low water absorption
UL94 HB test passed
Vitralit® 4731 VT 4,000-8,000 acrylate UV
dry surface after curing
flexible and tear-proof
excellent adhesion to many plastics
Vitralit® 6104 VT 8,000-17,000 (Rheometer, 25°C, 10s^-1) acrylate UV
secondary heat cure
Very high adhesion to metals and sintered materials
ideal for bonding large components on circuit boards (corner bonding)

*UV = 320 - 390 nm, VIS = 405 nm