Adhesives as Liquid Gasket or FIPG

In industry adhesives are often used as liquid seals, as form-in-place gaskets (FIPG) or as cured-in-place-gaskets (CIPG), which act as both adhesive and sealant.

Liquid seals are especially useful for sealing complex 3D geometries that cannot be reliably sealed with conventional seals, gaskets, punched parts or weather seals. Using adhesives as FIPG or CIPG has the advantage over silicone that they have much shorter curing times. In addition, FIPGs and CIPGs can be released from the components and are therefore reusable. Liquid seals also have a restoring capability, i.e. they partly or fully return to their original shape.

3D liquid gasket on metal component FIPG CIPG

Adhesives are often applied as liquid seals

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Panacol Product Information

Panacol offers liquid seals tailored to the following applications:

Display Seals

Panacol liquid seals are used especially for simultaneous bonding and sealing of displays and touchscreens.

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Sealing Electronic Components

Panacol offers special adhesives for use as liquid seals for electronic components.

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