Hightech industrial adhesives

Hightech Industrial Adhesives and Medical Grade Adhesives

Panacol is a leading international manufacturer of industrial adhesives as well as medical grade adhesives. We provide an extensive product range that includes UV adhesives, structural adhesives and conductive adhesives for a great variety of applications.

As a member of Hoenle Group and as a partner of UV equipment manufacturer Hoenle, innovative UV- and UV-LED curing systems are also available from Panacol.

Honle Group worldwide distribution network


Adhesives for cell contact systems and battery production

Adhesives for cell contacting systems and battery packs


Specially formulated UV adhesives protect welded joints on cell contacting systems and battery packs of electric cars from corrosion. The flexible adhesives enable vibration-resistant connections and have a low ion content.

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schematic endoscope shows exemplary adhesive application on lenses of biocompatible adhesive Vitralit® 1605 from Panacol

Biocompatible adhesive withstands high heat input


Vitralit® 1605 is particularly unique due to its high glass transition temperature and is therefore versatile for applications with high heat input.

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Upcoming Fairs


05. - 08. October 2020

Location: Online

Exhibitors: Dr. Hönle AG, Panacol-Elosol GmbH

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