Hightech industrial adhesives

Hightech Industrial Adhesives and Medical Grade Adhesives

Panacol is a leading international manufacturer of industrial adhesives as well as medical grade adhesives. We provide an extensive product range that includes UV adhesives, structural adhesives and conductive adhesives for a wide variety of applications and industries.

As a member of Hoenle Group and as a partner of UV equipment manufacturer Hoenle, innovative UV- and UV-LED curing systems are also available from Panacol.

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UV curable mask material on medical prosthesis

New line of masking materials


UV mask material is typically used in high value component fabrication that involves processes for surface enhancement. Panacol has developed new UV curable masking materials for industrial processes. These masking materials are part of the Vitralit® MASK product line. 

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UV moisture-curing medical adhesive


With Vitralit® UD 8050 MV F, Panacol has developed another adhesive system certified for use in the medical industry. What is special about this adhesive is that in addition to its primary UV curing this adhesive also offers secondary moisture post-curing. 

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Upcoming Fairs

Korean Electronics Show

04. - 07. October 2022

CODEX, Seoul, Korea

Exhibitor: Panacol-Korea

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