Overview of applications for adhesives

The applications for industrial adhesives are diverse. As there is no ‘universal adhesive’ that is capable of bonding all substrate combinations, and process parameters and component geometries also have an influence on product selection, Panacol offers an equally diverse range of adhesives in order to use the perfect adhesive for every application.

The main areas of application for our adhesives are:

Black glob tops are used to protect chips | © Panacol

Bonding in Electronics

The production of electronic components is becoming increasingly challenging with ever smaller devices.

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Applications on PCB's | © Panacol

Adhesive Solutions on PCBs

The continuing trend towards miniaturization of PCBs (printed circuit boards) presents the challenge of ensuring that, despite their ever decreasing size, contacts and components continue to work reliably.

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Bonding solutions for smart cards | © Panacol

Smart Card

Smart cards are becoming increasingly common in everyday life, for example for making phone calls and withdrawing cash. Health insurance cards, identity cards and electronic passports all feature a small chip that makes these cards "smart".

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Lens bonded with cements and adhesives for optics | © Redpixel/Adobe Stock

Optics and Optoelectronics

In optics adhesives and cements are used for sealing, holding and joining lenses.

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medical grade adhesive products

Medical Grade Adhesive

Our medical grade adhesives are certified according to USP VI and/or ISO 10993 standards. They can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as needle bonding, bonding of endoscopes and medical devices, wearable devices, or tube sets and connectors.

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UV glue for bonding plastics | © Panacol

Plastic Adhesive

An ever increasing number of everyday products contain plastics.

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Fast curing uv glass adhesives

Glass Bonding Solutions

Vitralit glass bonding adhesives are the perfect solution to bond glass to various substrates.

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Liquid gasket on metal component FIPG CIPG | © Panacol

Adhesives as Liquid Gasket or CIPG

In industry adhesives are often used as liquid seals, as form-in-plastic gaskets (FIPG) or as cured-in-place-gaskets (CIPG), which act as both adhesive and sealant.

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Glue from Panacol as decoration on flacon and luxury packaging | © Panacol

Adhesives for Luxury Packaging Solutions

In cosmetics and luxury packaging Vitralit® adhesives are used for lid bondings, adhesive reliefs and attachment of decoratives and labels.

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Bonding for automotive sector | © Panacol

Bonding Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Bonding as a joining technology has become indispensable in the automotive industry: special adhesives for components in the body, engine or interior, sealing and potting applications, conductive bonding in vehicle electronics and sensors, e-mobility components and much more

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UV adhesives used for maskings | © Panacol

UV Masking Materials

Removable uv masking materials for industrial applications such as sandblasting, shot peening or acid cleaning.

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Flexible adhesives for perovskite photovoltaics | © Panacol


Special adhesives for OPV and flexible photovoltaics production.

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