Sealing Electronic Components

Panacol offers special adhesives for use as liquid seals for electronic components. These form-in-place gaskets (FIPG) and cured-in-place gaskets (CIPG) allow simultaneous bonding and sealing of components.

Liquid seals are especially useful for sealing electronic components with complex 3D geometries that cannot be reliably sealed with conventional seals, gaskets, punched parts or weather seals. Using adhesives as FIPG or CIPG has the advantage over silicone that they have much shorter curing times.

The table below lists a selection of adhesives from Panacol that are suitable for bonding and sealing. Further products and custom solutions are available on request.

To download the technical datasheets (TDS) please click on the adhesive name.

Adhesive/ Sealant Viscosity [mPas] Base Curing*
Vitralit® FIPG 60102 100,000-250,000 (Rheometer, 25°C, 10s^-1); 15,000-40,000 (Rheometer, 25°C, 1s^-1) acrylate UV

*UV = 320 - 390 nm          VIS = 405 nm